Wednesday, 19 August 2015

APPEAL FOR ALEX AND CARLOS :: Help Us Build Them A New Home!

We have some urgent news here at Seeds and we need your help. Two of our students, Alex and Carlos, recently suffered a disaster to their home beyond their control. Their small house located next to a busy bridge in Huaraz collapsed recently due to old and decrepit infrastructure that the families didn’t have the money to repair.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the collapse. But the family are currently without a place to live and are therefore sleeping under the bridge next to the wreckage of their former home.

The situation is more complicated than that though. Three families lived there, many of their members very young, in this tiny, one story home, including two small babies. The families are currently destitute and have collected up all of their belongings under the bridge while they look at constructing a new house to live in.

This area of Huaraz does not have the infrastructure to respond to emergencies of this nature. It is also uncommon for families to have insurance for themselves, much less for their homes.

Alex and Carlos are the only members of their young families still remaining in education. They are good students and hold good attendance. However, they have recently stayed at home to help the family, to search for building supplies and help move materials from old, abandoned houses to start building their new house. We desperately do not want Alex and Carlos to drop out of school like older siblings of theirs have needed to. Here at Seeds we strongly believe in breaking the cycle of poverty through education. This is often their one hope of bettering their lives and helping their families who live in dire poverty. We want Alex and Carlos to have the opportunity to get an education and empower their lives.

So we need to act quickly.

How can you help?

Seeds of Hope want to help the boys and their families to rebuild their lives. With your help we hope to supply them with the materials to build a home with two floors so all three families are able to live comfortably together. To do so, they need safe and solid materials which will be reliable. The house is currently being put together from old and used materials and we are worried another collapse could happen. They need a solid cross-frame built out of strong wood for the roof so no similar problems occur again. We also want to be able to find outside help if necessary, so the children are not taking part in any potentially dangerous construction.

Please see our donation page here:

Aside from this, we want to be able to supply them with basic living items such as clothing, food and a rustic oven so they are able to cook meals (which they currently do not have).

To begin this huge task the whole site needs to be stripped down and all old and crumbling materials to be taken away. It is a big job and we need to start now.

Although we are unsure just how much this project will cost, we would like to start with a goal of raising $1000. 

We would be so grateful if you could help in any way you can. Even if this means simply spreading the word, sharing on Facebook and letting friends and family know. Every little counts!

Donation Page

Thank you so much in advance. We have such a wonderful Seeds of Hope community across the globe and we’re so grateful for all you do!

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