Thursday, 13 March 2014

Homemade Scratch Art | Workshop Designed by Profesora Jessie

Scratch Art is a creative activity for any age. If you are not familar with this form of art, Scartch Art is a sheet of paper with black coating over bright colors. You etch-in your design, scratching away the black substance to reveal the color (or sometimes metallic) layer below. You can purchase this paper or you can create it yourself. We elected to start from scratch.

1 blank sheet of white paper, 1 full set of crayons, several black pastels

Step One:
Using different colors, shade in patches of color using crayons until the entire white sheet of paper is covered. See example.
Step Two:
Using a black pastel, begin to shade over the patches of crayon until the entire sheet of paper is covered in black. See example.
Step Three:
Once your entire sheet is covered in black pastel, design an interesting picture (we recommend designing on a scrap piece of paper first). When you feel confident about your design, etch your drawing onto the sheet by scratching lines and images. The crayola below the pastel will be revealed. Think about positive and negative space to give depth to your work.   
Step Four:
Always sign your name and display your work.
Written by Profesora Lacy


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