Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Seeds Success Stories

Wilber Molina Lopez
Seeds Alumnus and current Volunteer
Cumple: 29 de Marzo, 1993 -- 21 años

Universidad: Santiago Antunez de Mayolo
Bachiller en ingenieria de minas, (5 year degree)

Wilber decided to study ingenieria because he excelled in mathematics. He realized that this path could lead to a profitable profesión and there is a a booming job market in Peru. Wilber has 3 to 4 years remaining in his program.

A typical week for Wilber consists of attending three to five hours of class a day, studying for nearly 30 hours, and volunteering Monday through Friday tutoring our students at Seeds. Wilber has taken on a leadership role at Seeds and is setting an admirable example.

Vision for the future: Wilber is very open about where the future will lead - he would like to live anywhere in Peru where there is opportunity.

Grimaldo Celestino
Seeds Alumnus and current Volunteer
Cumple: 25 de Junio, 1989 -- 24 años

Universidad: Studying to become a Guía - specifically a trekking guide.

Grimaldo is endearingly known as 'Grima' - he is reliable, hard working and one the most dedicated volunteers on the Seeds of Hope team.

Grima decided to become a Guía because he enjoys an active lifestyle and learning about the environment. Being from a world renowned climbing and trekking destination, Grima realized an opportunity in this career path. He will finish his program this December.

Grima splits his time between his studies, helping his family and tutoring our students Monday through Friday at Seeds. Grima recently stepped into a leadership role at Seeds and was responsible for teaching every morning during our summer session. 

written by Profesora Lacy


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