Thursday, 24 July 2014

Burpee World Record Holder Visits Seeds of Hope!

What exactly is a burpee? A burpee is a full body exercise that combines basic movements in a series of four steps. (see image above or click here)

Cameron Dorn, owner of Suitcase of Courage and founder of Project Grooming Leaders, reached out to Seeds of Hope several months ago to introduce his fundraising plan to break the world record for the amount of burpees performed in 24 hours. All funds raised would benefit the high school from which he graduated and Seeds of Hope.

Cameron's email was a day maker and his motivations are admirable. His dream is to help people and be by their side as they take that first step in seeing their dreams come to fruition. 

Cameron's Goals:
- Obtain the Guinness World Record for burpees performed in 24 hours.
- To complete 10,000 burpees to raise $10,000 to donate to Ware Shoals High School and Seeds of Hope. One burpee for every dollar. 

Why Burpees, Cameron? 
"I started to think about how I could help these kids. So I thought big, I thought outside the box and about what had never been accomplished before. And because I wanted to create a movement that would have global impact for many years, I contacted the Guinness Book of World Records about possibly challenging one of their records. My hope is that the children reached by Project Grooming Leaders efforts may also one day find themselves in the Guinness Book of World Records."

To obtain the title, Cameron would need to perform more than 7,684 burpees. He successfully completed 10,105 burpees, loosing 15lbs in the process and inspiring everyone who has learned of his story. Good work Cameron!

Earlier this month, Cameron made the trip to Huaraz, Peru with the goal of climbing in the Cordilleras and working with Seeds of Hope. After Cameron completed one of his climbs, he sat down with Seeds of Hope to discuss the needs of the school. With the funds that Cameron raised from the Burpee challenge, he was able to help our team procure all of the required school supplies for 55 students for next year -- it took two taxis to transport the items to the school.

Our students and staff are overjoyed by Cameron and his huge heart! We think the world of people like Cameron - people who set out to accomplish personal goals like climbing (and breaking world burpee records) while making an admirable effort to give back to the region in which they travel. Many thanks to Cameron and his generous sponsors! 

Seeds of Hope and Cameron plan to establish a pen pal program between Ware Shoals High School and the secondary students at Seeds of Hope. This project will hopefully provide students at both schools with the opportunity to learn about one another, improve their language skills and enrich their cultural knowledge.

Write-up by Profesora Lacy
photos provided by Profesora Ellen & Suitcase of Courage


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